The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) is a British Registered International non-governmental organisation (NGO), with an established commitment to addressing the pressing needs of vulnerable communities in Asia grappling with poverty, heightened risks of exploitation, violence, and human trafficking.

CNCF actively engages in the development of communities where poor rural populations benefit from improved access to infrastructure and services to ensure impactful social, humanitarian and environmental sustainable change.

Through the creation of life-changing sustainable Education, Healthcare, Community Development and Capital Assistance Programmes, CNCF empowers the communities it works with to break generational poverty cycles, transform, thrive, and shape their own futures.

CNCF works with children, families, local communities, and collaborates with other organisations and governments at central and local level.

As one of the longest-serving British NGOs in Asia, CNCF boasts a rich legacy spanning 35 years. CNCF has earned acclaim as one of the premier NGOs making a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the countries in which it operates.

CNCF operates independently of all religious affiliations and political agendas.


“When I began in Vietnam in 1989, people said what I wanted to do was impossible. I arrived alone from the UK, to a post war torn embargoed country across the other side of the world, with just seven hundred and forty-eight US dollars in my pocket, but, I also had a strong vision that ordered me to work among the street children, the discarded and forgotten of a post war-torn country. “You are only one person” they said. But when I was a child, I needed only one person to understand my suffering and my pain. One is very important. There are many ones… and they all add up.”

Christina Noble OBE

At the heart of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) lies a testament to the indomitable resilience of the human spirit. Christina Noble, the visionary behind CNCF, emerged from the depths of poverty in Dublin, Ireland, where she endured the hardships of orphan-hood, institutionalisation, homelessness, living on the streets as a teenager, and the denial of her basic child rights. These early adversities ignited within her an unwavering commitment to champion the rights of children.

In 1989, galvanised by a persistent dream nurtured over 17 years and stirred by the aftermath of the American-Vietnam War, Christina embarked on a mission to address the plight of abandoned children and marginalized communities left devastated by conflict. This marked the inception of CNCF in Vietnam, a pivotal step towards providing vital support and care to those most in need.

Recognising the urgent needs of Mongolia in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s withdrawal and the collapse of infrastructure in 1997, Christina extended CNCF’s reach to this region. Amidst the challenges of widespread poverty, the Foundation’s commitment became even more vital during this critical period in Mongolia’s history.

Christina Noble’s humanitarian contributions have garnered global recognition, including prestigious accolades such as the Order of the British Empire (OBE), acknowledgment in Times Magazine’s list of ‘Most Inspiring Heroes of Our Time,’ and The Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, The Order of Friendship Medal Mongolia 2010 and The Order of Friendship Medal Vietnam 2012.

Christina’s profound journey has been chronicled in two international best-selling autobiographies, namely ‘Bridge Across My Sorrows’ (1994) and ‘Mama Tina’ (1997), as well as in the biopic feature film ‘NOBLE’ (2014), which received acclaim with seven international film awards. Additionally, Christina has been the focus of two feature-length, award-winning documentaries – ‘Mama Tina’ (1997) and ‘In A House That Ceased to Be’ (2014).

The Movie:
NOBLE (Released in 2014)

Chronicles Christina’s life and how the Foundation first began.

The Books:
‘Bridge Across My Sorrows’ (1994) and her follow-up ‘Mama Tina’ (1997)

Christina’s life can be read in her international bestselling autobiography.

The Documentary:
In a House That Ceased To Be



CNCF is a third-generation family NGO. Christina’s children, Helenita (CEO), Nicolas (former Director of Operations Vietnam), Androula (Child Psychotherapist), and her grandson Thomas (former Director of Operations Mongolia), have been integral to the organisation for over three decades. In 2016, Helenita Noble assumed the role of CEO, to spearhead the transition from a founder/family-led to an independent, sustainable organisation; securing the family legacy. This transition culminated in the establishment of an independent governing board in 2018, known as CNCF International.

Christina’s legacy has not only inspired her family to continue her humanitarian work but has also become a guiding force in CNCF’s strategic vision which will expand its operations in to further territories.

CNCF’s long-term sustainable impact is evident, having successfully operated and delivered sustainable development objectives for well over three decades.

Helenita Noble received the MBE (Member of the Order of British Empire) in 2023 for her outstanding services to charity.


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