How long has CNCF been working in Vietnam and Mongolia?

Est 1989 in Vietnam and 1997 in Mongolia, CNCF is one of the longest serving International NGOs in both countries. For more information on how CNCF started, please visit us here.

Where does CNCF work?

In Vietnam CNCF works in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding districts and the following provinces in South Vietnam, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Kien Giang, Dong Thap, Ben Tre, Ca Mau, Vinh Long, Long An.

In Mongolia CNCF works in nine districts in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and other cities including Erdenet, Darkhan, Nalaikh, and Baganuur. We also work Bulgan, Tuv, and Selenge provinces.

What does CNCF do?

CNCF serves vulnerable children living in poverty who are at risk of criminal and commercial exploitation, trafficking and violence. We do this by providing emergency and long-term shelter, medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, vocational training and job placement.

 We also empower and support poor communities with sustainable futures through our Community Development Programmes, all of our programmes have a holistic approach and we address poverty at a grassroots level with a long-term focus on providing a sustainable and nurturing environment for personal development. Find out more about out life-saving projects and programmes here.

Do CNCF projects and programmes work?

We can confidently say yes, they absolutely do. CNCF monitors all of our work closely to ensure we are achieving our targets and evaluating our projects regularly. We deliver an international standard of care to our children and communities, we establish long-term relationships with them to support and empower them to live happy, emotionally rich, independent lives. The many thousands of children of CNCF over the past 30 years whose lives were transformed and are now thriving adults are living testament to CNCF’s success in transforming the lives of some of our world’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Meet a few of our success stories here.

How does CNCF choose the children and communities who receive their support?

Unfortunately, CNCF cannot help all of the children and communities in need so our qualified social, medical and community team work alongside our local partners (where applicable dependent on project) and assess the individual child’s and/or families individual circumstance, after evaluation support is offered to those most at risk of exploitation and abuse. Together we can help even more of those desperately in need, find out how you can join our efforts here.

Can I visit CNCF?

Both our Operational Offices in Vietnam and Mongolia welcome visitors to come and see our work first hand. To minimise the impact on our hardworking staff and the children in our care, we ask that you make an appointment with the team of the country you are visiting. For child protection reasons, CNCF does not give out the exact addresses of any of our facilities where there are children.

Appointments can be made to visit our Sunshine Centre in Ho Chi Minh City or our Blue Skies Ger Village in Ulaanbataar, 9am Monday to Friday. Please complete the form below here or email visits.vn@cncf.org and a member of the team will be in touch to confirm date and time.

Does CNCF facilitate corporate visits?

Corporate Donors and Sponsors are welcome to organise a visit to our flagship projects in Vietnam and Mongolia as well as other specific projects that they are supporting. For more information on corporate partnerships visit here  or contact the team at csr@cncf.org.

Does CNCF facilitate School visits?

The objective of School Visits is to help students learn the importance of service to others, acquaint International Schools with CNCF, provide the opportunity for cultural integration and promote awareness of projects undertaken by the Foundation. It also aims to promote an understanding of the types of issues and difficulties that are faced by the children of Vietnam and Mongolia as well as the services offered by CNCF to help alleviate these difficulties. Please contact vietnam@cncf.org for more information.

Does CNCF charge for visits?

Whilst we greatly welcome receiving corporate, individual and school visits, these are at an unavoidable cost to the Foundation and as a non-profit we are simply not in a position to always cover such costs ourselves. The charge depends on the type of visit and our qualified team will confirm on request the charge applicable. The charge is a result of the following reasons:

  •  In accordance to our child protection and safeguarding policies we must assign one member of our team to every two members of the group for the full duration the group is onsite and in engaged activities with our children, depending on numbers, occasionally at times this may mean bringing in extra human resources or asking members of our team to work overtime.
  • We must seek the signed approval of our local government partners and family members of the children (where in place) and this takes time and resource to complete on.
  • We must also ensure that the project managers of the projects that a group is visiting are also on site as well as our child protection officer in accordance with our policies.
  • For all group visits over 10 persons our Director of Operations must also be on site as in accordance of protection and safeguarding policies.
  • We also have to reschedule our children’s daily itineraries in order to accommodate any employee engagement.
  • We also endeavor to ensure that after we have covered the above costs it includes a donation to directly benefit the Children in our care and the Foundation in order to ensure the continuation of our life-saving projects.

For any further queries regarding visitor charges please contact a member of the team at vietnam@cncf.org.

Is CNCF an orphanage?

No CNCF is not an orphanage. CNCF has over 15 projects and programmes collectively in Vietnam and Mongolia, many of which support orphaned and abandoned children, however these projects are not orphanages. For more information on CNCF projects and programs please visit here.

Does CNCF work all around the world?

CNCF’s operational Centre’s are based in Vietnam and Mongolia only. In addition to our operational centres in Vietnam and Mongolia, we have fundraising hubs in the following countries that oversee fundraising and child sponsorship administration: Australia, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand (managed by Australia hub), United Arab Emirates, United States and the United Kingdom. Contact the relevant member of the team here.


Can I get tax deductions back on my donation?

If you are located in a country where CNCF has a local fundraising hub and you are donating via bank transfer you can claim your tax back, for more information please email the local fundraising hub directly here. If you are donating from Australia or New Zealand you can also receive tax benefits automatically through the Global Development Group via the main DONATE page here.

Can I donate clothing, toys and similar items to CNCF?

CNCF is always in need of donations that we immediately distribute to the children and communities in our care in need, for more information please visit us here.


Can I sponsor a child and if so how does it work?

CNCF’s Child Sponsorship Programme allows individuals around the world to directly impact and transform a child’s life, and in doing in many circumstances, an entire family’s. Find out more about transforming a child’s life today and all other sponsorship opportunities here.


Does CNCF accept volunteers?

Yes, hundreds have joined us already and you can too. Whether it is in the field or in the local fundraising hubs around the world, CNCF is always in need of volunteer support. Find out more here today.

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