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Your contributions will help deliver essential
services to children in need

Your monthly contribution will support

Shelter, Care &
Education for Children
At High Risk

Residential Healthcare
& Nutrition for
Abandoned or
Orphaned Babies

Education Scholarships
For Street & Disadvantaged


Why give monthly?


You will provide a reliable stream of support to help transform and save lives every day


Choose the amount to fit your budget


Automatically deductible every month so you don’t have to worry about any paper work


You can change amount or cancel at any time

Your monthly contribution will support

Provides a child with
an education for a month

Provides monthly life-saving medicine for an ill orphaned or abandoned child

Provides psychological counselling sessions for a child suffering from trauma

Buys text books, uniform
and stationary for 4 students

Supports an entire family with food for a whole month

Provides winter blankets, clothes and food supplies for a whole family in need

 “We must unite for the children. We must put aside our differences to love the little ones. We must give children unconditional love. It doesn’t matter if they are dirty, malnourished and have every illness that flesh is heir to. What we all can do is look on them in a pure sense. If we give children unconditional love, then many of those other needs will follow.”

– Christina Noble –

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