2019 Audit and Financial statements are subject to delays due to Covid-19 and its impact on CNCF’s and Audit Companies regular working schedule. If you require any information on our financials statements then please contact us at international.cncf.org.

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“When I was first introduced to CNCF it was a well-established charity helping under-privileged children but with an organization structure that needed to transition from a family run affair to an International NGO.
For the past two years CNCF has been in transition, with the International Board working to implement the highest standards of corporate governance and financial controls to ensure that donors can give to CNCF in the knowledge that the money will be spent in accordance with CNCF’s mandate.. I am delighted to be part of CNCF and I look forward to many more years fulfilling our mission for the children of Vietnam, Mongolia and perhaps, some other countries in need.”

– Michael Lonergan, CNCF Director of Audit & Finance –

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