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Welcome to our inaugural newsletter of 2024, the year of the Wood Dragon. This year, as CNCF commemorates 35 years of transformative humanitarian and infrastructure development impact across Asia, we reflect on our journey of resilience and progress. From empowering communities through education and healthcare to fostering lasting change, CNCF’s initiatives have touched the lives of over a million children, families, and community members, breaking the cycle of poverty and building trust for sustainable growth.

At the heart of our achievements lies the unwavering support of our dedicated community of supporters, donors, and partners. Your generosity fuels our mission, enabling us to navigate challenges and innovate for lasting impact. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for those in need, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and resilience.

As we embark on the year ahead, we invite you to join us in celebrating our milestones and accomplishments. Your continued support ensures that CNCF can continue to make a profound difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey toward a more stable and compassionate world.

We hope you enjoy reading just a few of what are many highlights over the first quarter of 2024. Thank you.

Helenita Noble MBE


CNCF BUILDS NEW BRIDGE IN MEKONG DELTA REGION – The significance of safe bridges cannot be overstated, particularly for disadvantaged populations. These bridges serve as vital lifelines, facilitating access to essential services, opportunities, and resources that are otherwise out of reach. For many communities in the Mekong Delta, traversing water bodies is a daily necessity, whether for accessing education, healthcare, employment, or markets for goods and services. Safe bridges ensure that these journeys are not only possible but also secure, reducing the risks associated with unstable makeshift crossings or dangerous water crossings. They play a crucial role in disaster resilience in this region, allowing for swift evacuation and emergency response during floods or other natural calamities that frequently afflict the Mekong region. In disadvantaged communities, where resources are limited and infrastructure development may be lacking, safe bridges represent a tangible investment in progress and prosperity. They open up opportunities for economic growth, enabling farmers to transport their produce to markets and children to attend schools safely. Investing in safe bridges for disadvantaged communities in the Mekong Delta is not only a matter of infrastructure development but also a testament to our collective commitment to building a more equitable and sustainable future for all. Thank you to Harbour Energy Vietnam for partnering with CNCF to finance this community bridge.  Pictured, before (left) and after CNCF intervention (right).

A STRATEGIC RESPONSE TO SALINE WATER CHALLENGES – Vietnam is classified as highly susceptible to climate change ramifications: sea-level rise, saline intrusion, drought, and groundwater depletion. The scarcity of clean water access is a pressing issue in the Mekong Delta regions of Vietnam, especially in schools, profoundly impacting students’ and teachers’ health and educational processes. In response, CNCF and Gravity Water have engaged in a collaborative initiative to sustain clean water in schools in the Mekong Delta. This project focuses on harvesting and purifying rainwater to ensure a reliable supply of safe drinking water. The anticipated impacts of this collaboration in giving access facilitation to clean water is approximately 50,000 students and school staff annually. Thank you to Gravity Water | clean water access for partnering with CNCF to finance and install freshwater access for disadvantaged communities.

CNCF PARTNERS WITH TOP UNIVERSITIES IN VIETNAM  – CNCF Signs New Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Vietnam National University and its Seven Affiliated Member Universities. CNCF’s CEO, Helenita Noble, was honored to sign several new Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Vietnam National University and its seven affiliated member universities. These agreements mark a significant milestone in the expansion of the Christina Noble Education Programme, underscoring our dedication to providing quality and equitable education for disadvantaged youth. The enhanced Christina Noble Education Programme now encompasses Fellowship, Internship, and Mentorship opportunities in addition to our existing annual Education Scholarships. These additional initiatives aim to offer comprehensive support for bright young minds who have overcome significant obstacles to pursue tertiary education, thus contributing to the long-term eradication of generational poverty.

TWO NEW KINDERGARTEN BUILDS FOR ETHNIC MINORITY CHILDREN – Thank you to a very generous individual donor with a passion to supporting the well-being of ethnic minority children, CNCF completed on the construction and repair of two urgently needed kindergarten facilities, ensuring a better learning environment for ethnic minority children. Additionally, the initiative includes providing lunch sponsorship from the CNCF School Meal Programme to 20 children. This approach not only improves the infrastructure of the kindergartens in remote highland villages but also helps in reducing the local dropout rates by supporting ethnic minority children and their families who are among the very poorest of communities in Vietnam.

CNCF WELCOMES BACK OPERATION CHILDLIFE – CNCF was delighted to welcome back Operation Childlife (OCL), our esteemed partner of 20 years, to Vietnam. OCL comprises of a global collective of world-class pediatric surgeons and physicians who provide voluntary medical services to children in developing countries and those affected by conflict. During their recent mission in collaboration with two national pediatric hospitals in Vietnam, a delegation of 12 surgeons and operating theatre  professionals led by Prof. Martin Corbally delivered consultations and performed complex pediatric surgeries over the course of a week. The team included specialists such as cardiologists, neurosurgeons, anaesthetists, interventional radiologists, and cardiothoracic theatre nurses, all focused on delivering lifesaving and life-transforming interventions for children in dire need. OCL delegation facilitated training and upskilling opportunities for local surgeons and physicians at CNCF’s partner Children’s Hospital No. 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. CNCF recognises the significant importance of local training for long-term sustainability and has been fully committed to developing the country’s expertise in paediatric care for 20 years with OCL (Operation Childlife).

FROM POVERTY TO PHARMACIST – Trinh grew up in rural Vietnam, facing abject poverty and health issues daily. With CNCF’s help since 2009, she was supported with her health challenges and was enrolled into education, excelling academically and eventually graduating from University majoring in Pharmacy. Trinh now works as a pharmacist in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Trinh’s success highlights CNCF’s impact in breaking the cycle of poverty for families, through tailored long-term support and education. Your support enables CNCF to empower more youth like Trinh to escape the cycle of poverty and truly achieve their dreams. Thank you so much for helping us to help the children. We could not do it without you.

CNCF urgently needs donations to help vulnerable children from exploitation and abuse. Your donation, whatever the size, will transform children’s lives with the care and protection they need – ensuring they receive an education, tools, and the support they need to thrive.

One person can truly make a difference, and it can start with you.







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